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The group, which began in Melbourne in 2016, is spreading to cities and towns across the country.They recently opened a women's chapter to give women 'a choice to live their lives in accordance to their natural roles'.We stand by our principles regardless of whether our identity is known or unknown.' Not much is known about the group but researchers and left activists have been monitoring their actions.Julie Nathan, a researcher at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, has been investigating the group since they first emerged.'The typical profile of a member is male, of white European background, aged from late teens to late twenties,' she tells Daily Mail Australia. Around the nation a secretive group of white supremacists who salute Hitler and call for a white revolution are plastering hate speech across cities and universities.The Antipodean Resistance are a group of radicalised neo-Nazis who describe themselves as 'the Hitlers you've been waiting for'.

'Racial treason is not tolerated,' members told Daily Mail Australia.Many of our users may temporarily turn off their profiles due to a successful match, a great number of replies to evaluate, or are taking a break from being contacted while using the site.We encourage you to continue to view other profiles.'Members are secretive about their identities, concealing both names and face''Some of them are stereotypical Hitler-saluting neo-Nazi thick-heads.But a small number of them appear to be tertiary-educated and the dominant figures.' The neo-Nazi's have also been monitored by ASIO, out of fear the extremist group could turn violent.

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