Who is spike lee dating

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Actress Chloe Sevigny, who also auditioned for the movie, said last year: 'I auditioned for Spike Jonze on Where The Wild Things Are, but Michelle Williams got the part.She's much prettier than me.'But last year, the pair finally worked together on Synecdoche, New York in summer 2007 and struck up a friendship.They walked around chatting, went to a pizza joint for lunch and took the subway.Some websites have reported an increase in traffic as high as 350 per cent with some of the most popular sites bombarding singletons with adverts to convince them that 2013, or even the tail end of 2012, could be their time to be lucky in love.But now it appears she finally has something to smile about again, thanks to a burgeoning romance with Jonze.American magazine Star reports Williams was seen kissing Jonze outside his Lower East Side Manhattan apartment on July 2nd.Just a few months later in September, Williams and Ledger ended their three year relationship.

He has also performed voice acting for radio, especially commercials.An onlooker told the publication: 'Michelle kissed Spike with a closed mouth on the corner of his lips.'There was definitely a bit of caressing going on. The body language was very romantic.' New couple: Spike Jonze (L) and Michelle Williams (R) pose with co-star Catherine Keener (C) at the premiere of Synecdoche, New York at the Cannes Film Festival in May Williams first met Jonze in 2006 when she auditioned for his film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak children's book Where The Wild Things Are.She was offered a part, but later withdrew from the film.This 58 years old man was born in Atlanta, Georgia of United States holding American as his nationality background.From the year 1977 till the current phase of this popular personality is working in the film industry with holding variety of positions as an actor as well as screen writer.

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