Who is kareem abdul jabbar dating

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But he seemed brave and funny — willing to try almost anything if it made a good story.However, Dan's plan to camp in the nude did not endear him to me.I had helped him write the book proposal, even laughing at the idea of the naked campout.But that was before the risks seemed like such a reality.

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It left me wondering about what to do when the thing you love about a person — the thing you're at first drawn to — suddenly becomes intolerable.As the date drew near, I amped up my objections against Dan's trip.I wielded threats."If you do it, I'll do it too," I said."I said I'd do it for the book, and now I have to do it.""But you could fake it.That's what the original guy did.""You knew what this book was about. You helped me write the book proposal."It was true.

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