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Times were very different during the lead up to Thank You, when Jamelia was unsure about her artistic direction.She had been promoted as an R&B artist, but she enjoyed other kinds of music.Jamelia reminds us that the album was repackaged with new tracks that reflected her open mind.First came "See it in a Boy's Eyes", co-written with labelmate Chris Martin, then her version of Sam Brown's 1980s hit "Stop", the theme to the second Bridget Jones film.Grylls has long been infamous for drinking his own urine in “survival situations” - where he is apparently unable to ask his camera crew for water – with an internet meme celebrating his taste for the yellow stuff. But experts have questioned the benefits of drinking your own wee. What do they claim are the health benefits of urine – which is 95 per cent water but also contains minerals, proteins, vitamins and antibodies? Madonna has said she never contracts athlete’s foot because she wees on herself in the shower after performances. Hundreds of thousands of people in mainland China drink their own urine every day, according to a report last year, with members of the China Urine Treatment Association arguing that it cure stomach complaints and rhinitis. Those who have used urine as a mouthwash claim it has given them a whiter smile, while the phrase “urine-soaked grin” has appeared in classical poetry. A report last year suggested dabbing wee over spots could make them clear up quicker.So enjoy Jamelia's time in the spotlight before she she goes off to feed the ducks.The former pop star revealed that she hasn't been formally sacked by the ITV show, though said that there are no plans for her to make a return.

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"As much as I love being a mother, I have missed being a part of the industry." Ever since she signed to Parlophone at 15 on the strength of self-penned a cappellas, the label has been supportive of her decisions to take breaks.It is strange, though, to think of Come with Me as anything other than an R&B album.Jamelia has a wide variety of influences, thanks, in part, to the awards ceremonies she has attended."When I first tried to write, I was five months pregnant and every song was either rubbish or insincere.I thought I needed to write another Thank You, but I was so sickeningly happy, I couldn't write anything with any strong emotion. I even wrote one that went, "He Shoots, He Scores".

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