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This is an exclusive event for those who purchase the Heartseeker Pre-order Bundle. For plus tax, you can attend our exclusive launch party on Friday, June 1, where you’ll receive your signed copy of Heartseeker (five days before the official release date! Only Fallow was just six harvests old when she realized that not everyone sees lies.) and a limited edition enamel pin* designed by the author. For Only, seeing lies is as beautiful as looking through a kaleidoscope, but telling them is as painful as gnawing on cut glass.Thomas, and readers include Magin La Sov Gregg, Laura Pimental, Umilla Khanna. Books are available for purchase now at Curious Iguana and will be available for purchase and signing at the event, with book sales benefiting the National Network to End Domestic Violence.Please note: The stories to be presented at this event are intended for an adult audience.Presented in partnership with Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts. Unlock the secrets and clues to success in school, sports, afterschool activities, life, and so much more with the tips in Nothing You Can't Do! Learn how to develop a growth mindset (where you look at life through a more optimistic lens) and how to handle mistakes in a positive way – plus find all the possibilities in yourself, even those you didn't know were there.With the power of a changed mindset, there's nothing you can't do!

Most of our Orvis Retail Stores are offering Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes on the dates below.About the author: Mary Cay Ricci is an education consultant and speaker.She was previously the coordinator of gifted and talented education for Baltimore County Public…There she learns that the kingdom is plagued by traitors, and that her task is to help the King distinguish between friend and foe. Find out more » Join us at Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts, 15 East Patrick Street in Downtown Frederick, as we celebrate the launch of Mary Cay Ricci’s new book, Nothing You Can’t Do!The Secret Power of Growth Mindsets, an interactive and engaging book for third graders and up.

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