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I like the Pennywise cover, too.[/QUOTE] meh, Im not a big fan of the cover of Come Out Fighting.I think the Pennywise version is still a lot better eventhough the recording quality of the first album is very poor.The infamous Josh Freese, who has drummed with Guns n' Roses, A Perfect Circle, and on The Offspring's latest album "Splinter" is quite the talent behind a kit. The Vandals mainly rely on their lyrics and not so much on the music.If you give "My Girlfriend's Dead" a listen, what you hear is quite well-thought out lyrics.I like the Pennywise cover, too.[QUOTE=Bartender]My sister bought this album, and when I'm looking for something less than serious, it's a great listen.Definitely funny; Euro Barge is a great song, though most of them are really good.If you like The Vandals, your collection isn't complete without this.

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This is my first taste of the Vandals, but I'm gonna check out some more stuff. Vandals never fail to impress, and this CD is no exception.WF: A fair portion, I produce a fair amount of the albums.A lot of the executive decisions, the film stuff, all of that I'm very involved in. I write more of the songs than anyone else does, and I produce the albums, so when we're in album cycle I have a lot more, and I hate to say the word, responsibility.Ten albums and 20 years after their 1982 debut EP Peace Through Vandalism, the Vandals are stealing the spotlight yet again.Their new punk album Internet Dating Super-Studs has them putting on an Internet dating contest that has fans vying to go out with the band members, and for some strange reason, people actually want to win.

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