Updating renavations

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For the foreseeable future, I ensured my tenants happiness in renting, lowered my maintenance requests, and increased my rental income.

In the US, these improvements can be depreciated against my taxable income.

Upon move-in, I provide my tenants with an Inventory and Condition Checklist, which gives them the opportunity to note any repair or defect within the property.

If possible, I repair or remedy everything they mention and then note the repair date on the document.

Carpets Landlords often have a strict schedule in which they replace the carpets every 7 years or so.

If the property seems desolate and vacant, consider staging the unit with furniture.

A professional can often make even the dingiest of carpets look clean, and will only charge a fraction of the cost of a new carpet Ceilings Ceilings rarely need to be painted.

Unless the tenants/previous occupants were heavy smokers or extremely messy cookers, the ceiling will probably look clean.

” You need to confront this head-on by presenting the property in the best possible light ().

For example, if the property looks dingy and dusty, then clean it.

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