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He even changed the ending of the film—over her objections—because it featured her in a scene at a funeral. “When I think of Janet, I just want to protect her.

Not that she needs it—she can handle whatever comes her way, and she has.

Whatever the cause, Janet Jackson has long noticed she has a peculiar effect on men and, frankly, she doesn’t get it.

He’s been there through breakups and breakdowns, as a friend and, possibly just as important, a source of constant employment.

While her music career has cooled, Perry’s cast her in his last three movies.

Part of that undoubtedly comes from her personal life: she is dating Wissam Al Mana, a reported billionaire and native of Qatar who is nine years her junior. She’s written a sort of self-help book/memoir, True You, that focuses on her ongoing issues with her weight and her self-esteem.

“Our children are struggling with so much today,” she says.

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