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After the chicken has marinated, mix curry powder and turmeric in a small bowl with 3/4 cup water until completely dissolved. You want to keep stirring the curry slurry and allowing it to cook without burning for about 4-5 minutes on medium low heat. Eventually you would see the oil bubbling through the curry mixture, and the curry will have become a thick paste. The amount of sauce should come up to about a third of the height of the chicken. To eat it the traditional Trini way, grab pieces of chicken with your fingers and enjoy.

In a skillet large enough to contain all the chicken without crowding, heat oil. This is time to add the rest of the onions (sliced). Turn the heat up a bit, and stir the chicken around to coat all the pieces with the curry mixture.

Souse is really pig feet, also known as trotters, or chicken feet which are first boiled then pickled in a sauce spiked with lime juice, pimento peppers and hot peppers and scattered with wafer thin cucumber and onion slices. ” We’re not talking a wimpy, thin brothy version here, but a hearty soup filled with chunky vegetables and salted meats.

As we say in Trinidad and Tobago, “Try it, you go like it!

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Instead of throwing it away, locals cut half-ripe fruit into bite-size chunks and season it with generous helpings of salt, black pepper, lime juice and chopped hot peppers, chandon beni and garlic.

And just like that, all it took was a well-timed, and off he was to his laptop to type out a recipe for me. (Of course, little did he know that when I said “people,” I meant the six or seven people who read my blog. ) As varied as Trinidadian curry versions are, a few things remain constant: Yes, we use that much seasoning for the meat.

Believe me, it makes the finished dish so flavorful. The cooking of the curry is, for me, the trickiest part of the dish, so I assembled this little collage so you’ll know what to expect if you do try to make this.

Doubles gets its name from the fact that it’s an open face sandwich made up of two pieces of fried bread or bara and a curried channa or chickpea sauce.

This delicious vegan treat is also sprinkled or drenched with homemade sauces and toppings like fiery pepper sauce, sweet sauce, sauce, kuchela, coconut chutney, even julienned cucumbers.

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