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The bartender reassures her: “It’s cougar night,” he said with a smile. At boy toy night, Janet meets a man who doesn’t beat around the bush. “I want to be your pool boy.” When he reveals that he’s a “life coach” who specializes in “sex and relationships,” Janet bites. According to PF they have a great relationship because he listens to everything she says.Because Jackie’s psychic, she can tell us everything about them from one glance.Although to be fair, I took one look at Santa Pants myself and thought he was full of shit too! The next day sees Jackie and PF catching up over lunch.They seriously do have a night for everyone, don’t they?The best part of the evening has to be Jackie’s running commentary about every man that sits down with Janet. But when Janet shows up to the bar, she realizes all the men are young. “Because why would I spend my time wheeling someone around in a wheelchair.” A Fellow Real Housewife Lydia Schiavello gets Janet to try speed dating.

PF is quick to comment about Jackie’s hair with a look of disgust on her face.Jackie says she’s looking for a model that shines, someone who is beautiful inside and out. Chyka and Bruce have taken another opportunity to have all the ladies over for dinner.She is also looking through some male model pics -much to Ben’s disgust. The chef from Big Group has put together a new menu for everyone to try including some pea soup served in a test tube and frozen meringue balls. When everyone sits down to dinner Lydia shares some emotional stories about her feelings of being at her son’s wedding. There’s someone crying here and you’re laughing.” Totally put Gamble in her place and allowed Lydia to continue.She’s very concerned that the men may not know she’s an older lady.It’s ok though- she’s told it’s cougar night and it’s called toy boy speed dating.

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