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As French philosopher Roland Barthes said in speaking of Japan, “Sexuality is in sex, not elsewhere; in the U. it is the contrary, sex is everywhere, except in sexuality.” As parents we need to reinforce emotional intimacy and connection so kids aren’t robbed of the chance for real affection, developing the skill sets they’ll need to make a more lasting, caring relationship later on…We need to open doors not close them when it comes to dialog about sexuality AND sexualization with kids.Shaping Youth: Industry will argue ‘sex sells,’ it’s ‘no big deal’ and objectification is no different today than pin-up girls and Playboy bunnies…What’s changed aside from MORE media, age compression focusing on younger kids and a free market economy that claims it’s ‘what people want to buy?They’re the ones being dealt this smarmy deck of cards, right?That’s one of many of Kilbourne and Levin’s action steps instilling the media literacy mandates early on at the elementary school level, so that kids are in control of the commodification playboard not just pawns in the game.But it’s short-sighted, as the cost to society of involved in every step of her very carefully packaged public image.

It’s not enough to build awareness, clamp down on accountability, social responsibility or regulatory change…it also takes teamwork and convergence when ‘all sides’ join in an open dialog, including YOUTH who are pivotal in that peer to peer conversation about body snatching childhood.It’s just like the Vanity Fair cover ‘controversy’…they wouldn’t have run it if it would have caused her harm, it was deliberately created to reshape her image with new excitement for the next phase of her career…It’s unlikely it’s even her choice really, which strikes me the most…The commodification of Miley as a ‘property’ to be managed and finessed by her handlers.Yes, she’s coming up on 16, but we all know that the Hannah Montana fan base is much, much younger…So even if Disney sees it as selling herself to the demographic, parents and young girls receive the message that this is how that age group looks and acts…THAT’S where the early sexualization and the harm kicks in; preschoolers playing dress up with padded bras, the whole tween thong aspirational marketing and ‘so sexy so soon’ influence.That’s where As regular readers know, I tend to lean hardest on those closest to my own mission to ensure the rebel yell isn’t just a reframing of ‘the problem’ but instead, a concerted effort to seek SOLUTIONS.I say enough power whining and evidence-gathering about the toxic tipping points of body image, early sexualization and the dysfunctional way it’s tweaking kids’ own sense of a healthy sexuality, let’s energize the youth themselves to help shift the zeitgeist toward positive pursuits and engage their voice as the advocacy arm.

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