The decrees and orders validating act 1936

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Perhaps nothing, except that:– Qadiyanis/ Ahmadiyyas are considered Kafirs and are prosecuted by most Muslims for their radical beliefs.– Wahabis have been greatest enemies of Qadiyanis– The content of the Qadiyani writings that Zakir Bhai MBBS has swindled under his own name are blatantly against core beliefs of rest of the Muslims including Wahabis.

For example, Zakir Bhai MBBS tries to prove that Vedas prophecize about Muhammad.

This is supposed to be the producer of largest number of terrorists including Osama and Al Qaeda since its inception in 18th century and has been a cause of disgrace for rest of the peace-loving Muslims.

Dr Zakir Naik belongs to this Wahabi cult, believes that only this Wahabi version of Islam can bring anyone close to Heaven, and rest of all will go to Hell.

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Anti-Jewish legislation in prewar Nazi Germany comprised several laws that segregated the Jews from German society and restricted Jewish people's political, legal and civil rights.

Yet it is the Muslims and Islamic clerics who hate Zakir Naik the most.It was passed on March 24, 1933, and effectively nullified the Weimar Constitution.In April 1933 the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, or 'Civil Service Law', as it was more commonly known when passed, established the ability of the Nazi Party to legally remove undesirables from the civil service profession, including doctors, teachers and lawyers.So as per Zakir Naik, Sufi will go Hell, Shia will go to Hell, Ismaili will go to Hell, Ahmadiyas will go to Hell, Hindu will go to Hell, Christian will go to Hell, Jew will go to Hell, And things are not as simple.Further, he mixes his Wahabism with material from other scholars of different sects to create his own Zakirism, that in the process blatantly insults and disgraces the vision of Islam as per other sects, including the more tolerant ones.

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