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After six years of their relationship, Silo left Roy for a female penguin named Scrappy.Roy continued raising Tango by himself as Silo continued to mate with his new female partner.The authors show that families, while different, are all similar in one way: they are happy together.Roy and Silo work very hard to have a family because they know it will make them happy.And Tango Makes Three has been at the center of numerous censorship and culture war debates on same-sex marriage, adoption, and homosexuality in animals.However, while it is controversial, the book has been advocated for by scholars for its ability to introduce the idea of homosexuality easily in classroom and home settings.The zoo accepts this family and celebrates their love, promoting the idea that the world ought to accept and celebrate families that look different.: The book subtly advocates for adoption as it shows that it does not matter how a family is created or whether a child is biologically related to its parents.

Roy and Silo then began taking care of a female baby penguin that the staff of the Central Park Zoo named Tango.Roy and Silo are given an egg from another penguin couple and love it just the same.The egg, if it had not been given to them, would have died because Chinstrap Penguins are only able to care for one egg at a time. It also explores the idea of surrogacy and how families come together in many different ways.It has also won many awards, including the ALA Notable Children's Book Nominee in 2006, the ASPCA Henry Bergh Book Award in 2005, and was named one of the Bank Street Best Books of the Year in 2006.The story opens in the Central Park Zoo, a place that houses families of all different kinds.

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