Speed dating customer service

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In consideration to registering on the web site or it's aliases rapiddating.cz, rapiddate.cz, (known hereafter as randemotyl.cz) the customer affirms of having reached the age of 18 and being of a legal capacity to form a binding contract.

The customer has a binding reservation in a moment when the payment fee is credited to the account of the organizer.The customer will receive an email confirming the received payment and thus also confirmation of a warranted event reservation within a 48 hours from the time of the payment being credited to the organizer's account.By payment remittance, a binding contract is formed between the organizer Jana Olivová, IČO: , and the registered customer.The customer agrees to reimburse the organizer of any incurred damages resulting from his/her actions and conduct.Participation on the speed dating events Rande Motýl is subject to the complete and accurate registration on this web site and a payment of all applicable fees. Reservation denotes clicking one of the reserve links by the announced speed dating events and a payment of the applicable fee by direct deposit to the bank account number 2400044466, bank code 2010.

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