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My SO and I do this all the time when we're apart... I hope he does it over the phone's cute.We used to watch youtube videos, play online games (skype has a few built in ones that are fun) if you can get skype on a mobile device (laptop or smartphone) you can give her little tours of where you are, or what you are doing.I tried to make the term “Skating” stick in this context, but it didn’t work because there’s already a thing called skating and it doesn’t involve candlelit dinners with your computer.A year ago I’d never even heard of Skype, but then I somehow fell for an Australian girl I met on Facebook who I never actually met in real life. Dating digitally can be one of the best ways to nurture a budding relationship and hence, a lot of people nowadays are resorting to online dating to find their true love.We all know that the very foundation of a good relationship is good communication, and Skype definitely gives us a good venue on which to find true love.If you have already met your online date before and want to deepen your relationship, Skype dating is the best way to enhance it.

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What other creative skype dates have you guys come up with to keep things interesting? We'll also have dinner together where we order the same things from someplace (Chinese food, sushi, etc.). I keep meaning to find/write some little piece of software to handle syncing the video playing and pausing. I have no great ideas, but I'm gonna take yours if that's alright :)A mediocre idea- my boyfriend reads to me sometimes.We want to try cooking together, working out together and building pillow forts (kind of together).This is a subreddit about long distance relationships.(It’s normal.) The majority of our “relationship” consisted of emails and text messages.We never talked on the phone because 1) I hate the phone, 2) I’m not even sure I know how to dial an Australian number, I mean, aren’t there letters and stuff?

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