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With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, this all changed.Ancient Hebrew scrolls were found that follow the LXX, not the Masoretic Text.

Moreover, it can be showen to have existed in the first century.

It is now apparent that these differing ancient text forms of the ot deserve far greater care and attention than they received in the past.

The lxx, for example, is now seen not just as a poor, tendentious translation of the Hebrew, but rather as a witness to a different pre-Christian Hebrew text form.

"Qumran agrees 13 times with the LXX against the MT and four times witht he MT against the LXX..seems now that to scholars engaged in this work in the future Qumran has offered a new basis for confidence in the LXX...." (Allegro 74 and 81). Sanders, Inter Testamental and Biblical Studies at Clairmont, Cannon and Community, a Guide to Canonical Criticism. "There are remarkable differences between the LXX and MT of 1 and 2 Sam.

Jeremiah, Esther, Daniel, Proverbs and Ezekiel, 40-48, and on a lesser level numerious very important differences in lesser books such as Isaiah and Job.

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