Returned missionary dating application lds

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After my prayer, the Lord opened my eyes to see my mission from His perspective.Both my service and early return were a part of the Lord’s plan to help make me into who He wanted me to be.They said that there were people with worse medical conditions who had finished serving.They didn’t understand why I couldn’t have finished, even with medical difficulties.But I decided that I could get used to it and kept going.One day I collapsed on the side of the road, unable to move anymore.In the weeks that followed, I prayed to Heavenly Father to make the pain go away and received several priesthood blessings, but it just got worse.

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After a lot of prayer, I received the answer that I should go home to sort out my health issues.

It was agonizing to hear this when I had loved my mission so much, but I had faith that Heavenly Father had a purpose for my trial and that it would be a step forward. I could see that I was progressing, but I felt that I would always view my mission with a little bitterness.

Then a friend of mine reminded me that the Savior’s Atonement can heal all pain and bitterness.

For me, being a full-time missionary was the most natural thing in the world.

I was awkward and struggled at times, but there was nothing more amazing to me than being a missionary.

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