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Living in San Francisco, Sophia has a passion for fashion and she has an eye to spot great deals at local vintage shops.When she finds a motorcycle jacket in mint condition she gets the idea to sell it on e Bay in an effort to help pay her bills since she’s out of work.Deschanel is just so likable, cute, funny, charming and entertaining as the new girl.Release Year: 2015 Creator: Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Myers Starring: Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Helen Mirren This IFC series starring alums Fred Armisen and Bill Hader is hilarious as they spoof various stories as only they can with their mockumentary makeover.I loved the Sophia character and Robertson’s interpretation of the role.

Nick (Johnson) is a law school dropout who likes to be alone, Schmidt (Greenfield) thinks he’s God’s gift to women and Winston (Morris) is a former athlete who has a competitive streak that won’t quit. Each character is so expertly crafted to have their own humor, personality and can stand alone on their own, but together they’re a perfect quartet whose awkward moments serve as the greatest source of comedy in this Fox hit.

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The list will be updated weekly as new shows come and old shows go, so be sure to bookmark the page and visit to see if your favorite can move into or keep the No. Release Year: 2016Creator: Pam Brady, Mitch Hurwitz Starring: Maria Bamford, Fred Melamed, Mary Kay Place, Lennon Parham, Bridget Everett Maria Bamford plays a version of herself in this Netflix Original series released on May 20.

When the jacket sells for a small fortune, she has a light-bulb moment and she thinks she’s figured out what she’s going to do with her life. It’s not without some challenges along the way, however, and her personal life gets in the way too.

Her love interest, her health, her friendships and her family provide some obstacles, distractions, challenges and opportunities for her to lose sight of her goal.

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    Aiming a jab at the audience, usually for being such losers that they'll waste their time watching/reading/playing this nonsense, such moral degenerates that they'll enjoy sleazy pandering to their base impulses, and/or so dumb they'll pay good money for it.