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They'd then take the first three related book suggestions from a different author, rate them on the following scale, and explain their ratings.

The second and third book suggestions, while a bit worse, seem to perform pretty well too: around 65% of raters rated them positive.

Look for positive in each situation, and you will never be disappointed. I am a good listener, but at the same time I can keep a conversation on any topics, because I am curious in every thing in this world. I like animals a lot, so if you come into my yard, where I live you will see glad cats and dogs, as I feed them every day.

An active life style is very important for me, as I feel very young in my soul.

Communication may work magic, it’s the best way to improve your relationship.

I am very attractive woman, who likes to smile and to make people happy!

Ideal relationship for me should be based on common respect and tender attitude to each other.

I would like to meet a nice man who will understand and love me.

As a person, I am very kind, sympathetic and merry. Smiling is very important, as it brings positive emotions to people. I go there every weekends, as I like sunbathing and swimming a lot.

For me it is very important to share positive emotions and feelings, rather than making people sad. I am a very active woman, I like going to the cinemas, theaters and just walk around the city.

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    Love is not enough to keep a relationship going, it is definitely not enough to conquer all problems, but it certainly helps. [For more, check out: Things I love about Japan: Couple Wear] Intercultural dating is a lot of things. Two years later, and I never know what to expect on dates. But I really fell in love with the culture once I started dating Ryosuke. He was the one who helped me understand the types of sexism in Japan (for more, check out this post) But living with him, his family, and his friends, I have been given the enormously unique opportunity of doing participant observation of the Japanese culture.

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    In the First Reading, Moses kindles in the people a realisation that God is so close as to be heard.

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