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(9) United States Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Form 700, Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Record. will— (1) Track and maintain a report of current MEDPROS Compliance of FMR Percentages (Fully Medically Ready) for Divisions and Corps Major Subordinate Commands (MSC).(NOTE: This form has been rescinded, but may be still found in some medical records.) 2. This will be completed by the XVIII Abn Corps’ MEDPROS Readiness Coordinator.Using these programs to ensure the medical readiness of our Soldiers, XVIII Airborne Corps can set the standard for the rest of the Army by providing an expeditionary forcey that is ready and able to execute any mission, anywhere. PACKETT II MEDPROS IMR Readiness Program Major General, USAPlan Acting Commander DISTRIBUTION: A INDIVIDUAL/UNIT MEDICAL READINESS PROGRAM XVIII ABN CORPS CONTENTS 1. Medical Records Screening Procedures to Update MEDPROS 5. (3) AR 40-562, Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis, 1 November 1995. (5) AR 600-8-101, Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization and Deployment Processing), 18 July 2003. (2) Memorandum, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, 24 September 2002, subject: Army Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program Resumption Execution Plan (available at (3) Memorandum, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, 27 March 2004, subject: Anthrax Shortfalls.

Whenever possible, IMR/UMR datawill be entered into MEDPROS for all XVIII Airborne Corps Soldiersduring in/out processing at central processing facilities, Soldiersreadiness processing, predeployment processing, redeploymentprocessing, and medical intervention opportunities. Commanders and other leaders will work closely with theirsupporting medical treatment facility to obtain and maintain highmedical readiness.

(3) Coordinate with the supporting MTF, clinic, or organic medical personnel for medical services (for example, immunizations and laboratory tests) to correct Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) deficiencies.

(4) Evaluate processes and make recommendations through the chain of command for changes, staffing, and equipment needed to support the Individual Medical Readiness/Unit Medical Readiness (IMR/UMR) and immunization program.

Every commander at every level is responsible for and mustemphasize the importance of improving and maintaining Soldier and unitreadiness.

The Individual Medical Readiness/Unit Medical Readiness(IMR/UMR) and Immunization Programs will ensure Soldiers and units are medically ready to accomplish their missions. Commanders will use the enclosed IMR/UMR Program to monitorindividual and unit medical readiness.

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