Nagasawa masami dating rumors

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still keep waiting for more of his new act drama~!!!!! ^^Y I love his drama "Buzzer Beat"..keiko and him are really looked good together..i hope their would be buzzer beat season 2.not then i hope keiko kitagawa and tomohisa yamashita would have another dramas or movie together.. wah, ive just found this guy.too late, i dont recognize him at all. but i start watching some dorama like "buzzer beat" wow he is supper good in basket n cool. sí si, aquí tenes este, para que practiques el español que aprendes. si, aun en crecimiento constante, falta madurez, pero a falta de eso, lo cubres con ese...

Eventho I must admit that his acting was just so so.

I like From five to nine too, but my best drama is Buzzer Beat ever. because had begin follow on him from childhood~!!!!! I'm falling in love with your character Takane Hoshikawa in "From 5 to 9".

Love his drama medical too that he play as doctor Aizawa he is so cool on code blue series season 1,2 and 3. Japanese is my first begin self learn on foreign language~!!!!! I like you action with girl actress, Nana Komatsu in movie kinkyori Renai... Really enjoy your acting and range of emotion you showed as a Shinto priest. Really looking forwars for more drama/movie from you! はい、それでは。ありがとう、山P、いえ、エロP。(笑)バイバイ。 大好き! Dudo que estos comentarios los lea realmente Tomohisa, pero...

What i should say, japanese please make good dorama like thbuzzer beat, rich man poor man" super good dorama. carisma tan tuyo, nadie creería que eres una persona "seria" y que no te gusta hacer reír, cuando tienes esa chispa de forma innata en ti.

I became his fan after watched him in Proposal Daisakusen. Another drama i watched him in Summer Nude and Flower of Algernons but these 2 dramas not so interesting so i skip these two. lástima, no puedo dejar imágenes, por que tengo un gift que me regalaron de ti, en tu personaje de nobuta wa produce, de lo mas simpático, segura estoy que te gustaría.

its like he inserts a bit part of himself into the character he portrays and yet takes a lil part of the character to use in himself, well thats the impression I got! Fangirls Die your the reason why japanese actors are considered bad actor because you keep supporting shit actor like this that they keep appearing on tv and the world keep witnessing their stupid acting. \^0^// Dear Yamapi, I have just finished watching Buzzer Beat and as always, your performance is excellent.

I get annoyed when people talks about his bad acting or 'dead fish eyes'. Some people will say it his flaws, some will say it good.This guy makes me wanna learn japanese language :)) The best of his performances is with Horikita Maki. He always tries his best and ended as a good result. I hope you'll pick a good script and then wow-ing your way again in many people's heart.Never a kiss, but their intensity is over the top, more than with other actresses filming with love situations...... My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. uumm Yamapi, as an actor he's definitely not the best one, there are many out there thats better than him in term of versatility, his acting not always good, but at times he can really2 nail the character he played. he's just not that versatile IMO.can be quite good at times depends on the character he portrayed... Just ignore the haters : D Whenever i see people saying yamapi is the best actor I thing that the world is really gonna go to an end. You're the cool and the best actor that I meet until now ..I don't understand because the producers have left this very interesting couple out of the screen. I'm trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. I really love the way he portrayed Akira in Nw P, it seems so original something i've never seen before. what surprised me is that he tends to get carried away with the character he portrayed!! Such a BAD actor and its stupid to compare him to KIMUTAKU and i dont even consider kimutaku a great actor. ~ not only is he good, but also a down to earth guy.. though he is a workaholic, i love him for that.inspires a lot of people. Your action and your role in every your dramas and films are so good and cool ..(See fanvid about them on you tube to believe me.....) Yamapi really love you in nobuta wo produce drama..akira was too funny and even now im watching it bcause of you and kazuya and maki...guys are so suit together..also in dragon zakura and stand up because you were with my favourite actor in stand up,narimiya hiroki.cute and funny...i'll support japanese entertainment industry even now kpop is conquered but i didnt like kpop at all.. when he was Akira he behave Akira-ish in real life, so did when he was naoki, he was soo naoki-cool-type, I find that interesting! It is so frustrating to know that this guy have many supporters than real actors like tsubamuki satoshi and yamada takayuki. ^^ there are many fanz of you that waiting for your next action in your other next dramas and films .. I'm always support to you , Yamashita-kun , ore no nii-chan ..

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