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He created a freesco Jupiter Kissing Ganymede, with Giovanni Casanova (Giacomo's brother) in 1758.

An imitation of an ancient Roman fresco, it was created to fool archeologist and art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann, for his enthusiasm for homosexual love and themes, who regarded it as an original.

His first venture into forgery came after William saw how obsessed his father was at owning original Shakespeare memorabilia.

This was on a trip to Stratford to collect material for Samuel's forthcoming publication, The first Shakespeare forgery he made was modest.

The painter successfully made a copy of the original and returned the fake in place of the original.

On the right is an image of the Kuffner fake of 1799 after Durer's self portrait.

William Henry Ireland was the creator of many forged documents, miscellaneous papers and legal instruments believed to be William Shakespeare memorabilia.

After he deceived different buyers, he tried it with his benefactor, impersonating his paintings to works by Raphael and rapidly fell out of favour Grandson of Hans Imhoff Pirckheimer a humanist who was a close friend of Dürer, on the sale of some of the works he owned to an art dealer of Leiden, his diary read: "* Our Lady and Child, painted on parchment ...Also known by the nickname "Luke Fapresto" ("Luke Hurry"), given to him while he was working in the church of Santa Maria Wailing in Naples, when he painted the canvas in just two day.The nickname also stemmed from his amazing speed to copy the major painters of his era.: Bassano, Rubens, Tintoretto.Now in the Palazzo Corsini, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome.In 1779 on his deathbed, Mengs confessed that the famous Ganymede was his doing.

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