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Moving off the beaten path, you might like Good Life, Cafe Trocadero or Roots Downtown you'd need to be willing to share space with the young and the restless. The dance floor is always crowded and everyone likes to have fun.

One of my personal favs is on Milwaukee Street a place called Kenadee's. I would like to know where the non materialistic / plastic people go... There are some odd ducks there from time to time though!

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Moreover, they are unlikely to want anything from you but no strings encounters.Those are all good spots if you like the "downtown" crowd... It's a nice easy going place, check it out sometime. Get a small group together and have fun; can always try to have people from POF meet there and have a good time. Not to mention, there's always the old standby on Van Buren, Victor's. Also Wisco's that's on Lincoln just off 37th st,it's under new ownership and they just expanded the inside . Frank Monreal's El Matador, continues to be a gem in Milwaukee's entertainment scene. What bar would or should I go to to fing all of these hot woman? Having said all this, I'm really not sure what you prefer in a nightpsot.- TThanks T.... all the " plastic / artificial " people will melt !!! Both places are nice and the owners are very friendly. I agree with donkos1967, Kikos is an older crowd, they have great dancing, live bands. Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in a casual atmosphere in the El Matador restaurant, check out local music flavors in Kiko's, or catch a game on one of the many TV's in Carey's Sports Pub.9155 West Bluemound Road Milwaukee, WI 53226Phone (414)-476-1130I will be in town for an interview. As a newcomer to town stir me right and I may come back.

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