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I can update a record successfully if the record is indeed unique: Person ID Email Type ID 123 1 123 2 123 3 the record is committed to the DB and all is well.

If I attempt to update and violate the unique index such as: Person ID Email Type ID 123 1 123 2 123 2 I get no response in the web page. On each of those events, there is an Exception Handled property that you can set to true if you want the exception to cease bubbling up.

In order to retrieve all the categories from the database, I simply specify the name of the datacontext to use and the table where my categories reside.

I am also using appendatabounditem property on the dropdown to add a Select text.

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The table has a unique index on two fields, Person ID and Email Type ID.

What I had to do was create a Email Record ID column, type INT, Identity True and set that as the Primary key.

I then used the other two columns to create a unique index.

Then, in my gridview, I set the Data Key Names to the new Email Record ID column.

I have a grid view in an update panel, similar to the ajax popup menu example in the ajax sample site. Name current Profile User Id = CType(User IDBy User Name(user Name String), Guid) End If If Not current Profile User Id = Guid. Result = Have To Offer By User ID(current Profile User Id) Else e. Updating Dim new Object As have To Offer Table = Direct Cast(e.

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