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The personal love planets of Mars (WHERE YOUR ENERGY IS FOCUSED) and Venus (WHO YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE AND WHO FINDS YOU ATTRACTIVE) have also changed signs, and on the 20th, The sun enters Gemini.It's a big week in Astrology but I will break it down for you in the simplest of terms. What do you find aesthetically appealing, who are you most attracted to and what do you need to feel pretty.Your Physical appearance, personal surroundings and or environment will be ULTRA important during this Full Moon.Dress to impress and know that physical attraction is in the air and the URGE TO MERGE is very much so present, personally, professional and socially with an emphasis on the way we present ourselves in public.Take a time out, know that your future has a way of working itself out.Change is coming and the signs of Aries, another Libra and a Pisces have interesting adventures and stories to share with you.

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What does love have in store for your sign and learn about how this Eclipse will impact you.

It's not all bad, you could wind up in the very last place you suspected, with the very last person you expected and your life can turn around at a moments notice.

So, where does Taurus Fall in your Horoscope plus where can you expect lightening bolts, shocks and surprises to occur for you in the next 7 years?

Full Moon in Libra: You could be feeling disoriented or off balance.

It will be extremely difficult to make a decisions and or get anything accomplished. Any rough edges or red tape can be smoothed out and so can any previous disagreements.

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