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One question the BBC’s James Landale did ask was whether Cameron’s “background” had been an issue while he’s been Prime Minister.He replied that Labour had tried to make it an issue, but it was “out-of-date” to suggest it makes a difference.The action ends very early in the 60s, yet the description in Acts 27 and 28 is written with a vivid immediacy.It is also an odd place to end the book if years have passed since the pre-62 events transpired.It should have lasted an hour, and included film of him wrestling a bear.Instead it took place while he was preparing food and taking his kids to football, proving he’s just an ordinary bloke, no different to any other multi-millionaire whose mother-in-law owns thousands of acres of land in Scotland, juggling everyday tasks like ironing school uniforms and stalking deer like all of us.Luke gives insignificant details of the culture of an early, Julio-Claudian period.11.

Christian terminology used in Acts reflects an earlier period.

But the inquisitive James Landale didn’t just accept his answer, he followed it with a polite smile.

It shows what a master of public relations David Cameron is that he didn’t break down under this fierce interrogation, but despite the polite smile he held firmly to the line that it made no difference.

The destiny ('Theophilus'), style, and vocabulary of the two books betray a common author.

The Gospel of Luke was written by the same author as the Acts of the Apostles, who refers to Luke as the 'former account' of 'all that Jesus began to do and teach' (Acts 1:1).

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