Kelly carlson dating

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Christian's plan to seek porn stars as clients backfires.Julia returns to medical school, and strikes up a friendship with one of her fellow students (guest star Phillip Rhys).Matt worries about sex with his girlfriend Vanessa (guest star Kate Mara) and her possible reaction to his foreskin, leading him to self-circumcision.Sean tries to encourage Liz (Roma Maffia) to return to work.Matt's one night stand with a pornographic "fluffer" (guest star Marnette Patterson) results in a possible STD. Merrill Bobolit (guest star Joey Slotnick) offers Christian a job in his practice.

Guest starring Don Mc Manus, Phillip Rhys, Brenda Strong and Roma Maffia.Matt and his friend Henry (guest star Andrew Leeds) critically injure one of their fellow high schoolers in a hit-and-run car accident while under the influence of marijuana, and Matt later discovers that the girl's strict Christian Scientist mother (guest star Alyson Reed) refuses to allow surgery to be performed on her now-disfigured daughter.Christian connects with a fellow victim of childhood sexual abuse (guest star Katy Selverstone).Sean and Julia's marriage is tested when Julia discovers she is pregnant, a surprise that could potentially derail her plans to become a doctor.After discovering him having sex with a patient in his office, Grace suggests Christian attend a Sexaholics Anonymous session.

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