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She witnessed the fight between Superboy and Amazo at the Gotham Academy, and followed him.Miss Martian and Superboy had some close moments together, as they spent quite a lot of time in the Cave with Red Tornado only sporadically checking in.He only saw the practical reason, keeping them dry.They were sent on a mission in Belle Reve together, disguised as the Terror Twins.

She let it slip to Artemis, whose mood was ruined, as she still considered Conner an option.The attraction was obvious to the trained eye; even Clayface noticed it and used it to take them down: Miss Martian was thrilled when "Superboy" called her "gorgeous".M'gann liked making him dinner, and on one occasion asked for his help.Miss Martian apologized for the invasion of privacy, but Superboy was not as quick on his apologies.Artemis, on the other hand, liked Superboy (at least in appearance) since she first saw him, even before she joined the Team.

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