Jewish dating in johannesburg

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Israel is a country which achieved the scientific know-how to make its desert bloom, its minimal water supply to suffice for its needs, and the desalination of seawater for everyday purposes a reality.

Israel has learned how to recycle about 85 percent of its water and has achieved what many considered impossible: making water readily accessible to all of its inhabitants.

But the city is now facing a crisis of unimaginable proportion.Here is a profound example for the irrationality of hatred.As my heart goes out to the victims, I have one great hope: If only the crisis of Cape Town could open the eyes of Israel haters to how much they have to gain if they would but choose peace over war, life over death and mutual blessings over eternal strife and conflict.Jews have always been an integral entity in the South African milieu.While some revolutionaries might display hatred, this is not the general attitude in South Africa.

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