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Noah unexpectedly survived, so Grace decided to keep Cassie's identity a secret from Nick and Sharon. Although Cassie missed Millie, she grew to think of Tony and Grace as her parents.

Grace introduced Cassie to Nick and Sharon as Grace's "niece from out of town".

It was soon revealed that, during her recent absence from Genoa City, Sharon had slept with and been beaten by Cameron.

When Cameron attempted to rape Sharon, she knocked him out with a champagne bottle and thought she had killed him.

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Feeling embarrassed, Grace puts her robe on and listens as Nick tells her everything from he and Sharon getting back together to Cassie's tragic death to the sudden appearance of Cassie's doppelganger, Mariah Copeland.The body Sharon and Nikki had found was actually that of Frank Barritt, Cassie's biological father. Nick and Sharon convinced Grace to testify against Cameron, and he was jailed for his crimes.The Newmans were grateful to Grace for saving Sharon, and Grace began working for a Newman Enterprises subsidiary in New York City.The following morning, Nick was furious with Grace and swore her to secrecy.Grace blackmailed Nick into giving her a job at Newman Enterprises.

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