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It surely invites the speculation that this was part of the deal for IPLEX to get the nod – if they did in fact pay the several thousand dollars for the page, and not the council – because the unstated value to Mayor Mullet is that it puts her in a good light as a can-do leader.It fits so neatly with her recently introduced smarm offensive to gloss over her innumerable cock-ups on this and other fronts, as the election nudges closer..The issue here is not so much a change in the way we are charged for water, but why we suddenly get a mysterious mention of the possibility in terms which on the face of it actually means nothing in everyday English but authorities can later point to it and say they flagged it to the community.This looks like another ruling by fiat, a change presented as a without consultation or debate.Since this could get unwieldy, to be published the following guidelines should be observed. No War And Peace ranting diatribes will be published. No abuse of the mayor, the CEO or their policies, or anyone else.But by all means name those matters that you would change e.g.

The closed meeting to make the surprise selection of the water pipeline material is just the latest example.It’s a fair bet our reader is spot on when he writes: Are they softening us to lose the water allocation and introduce a full user pays system?The same system that the Mullet and the Angry Ant (Paul Jacob) opposed so vehemently when introduced by the Tyrell administration?Whatever the virtues and suitability of this material is, the first anyone heard that it was even being considered was when the successful South Australian contractor was announced. But within 24 hours of all that transparency blather in the paper, they were at it again, when we are treated to this patronising bit of spin, which raises more questions that reassures.The first obvious question is why is IPLEX presumably paying the Bulletin for a full page ad, the substance of which has already been slavishly reported in the news columns?

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