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I stroke her slowly at first until she begs for it faster.

As I speed up, I feel a trickle of precum drip onto my hand.

First Brandi slides the tip into her mouth, then she goes deeper and deeper until her bottom lip is resting against my balls.

Each time she goes up she tickles the head of cock with her tongue.

As she pounds my cock faster I can see the head turning purple and the shaft red as my cock fills with even more blood.

Now she’s half jerking me, rubbing the head hard each time she comes up. “Oh shit, Brandi, I’m gonna cum,” I whisper and just as her hand comes down off the head of my cock, I explode all over her face.

I turn on the TV and some infomercial for an exercise machine comes on.

The model working the machine has a great body and seeing her workout is really working me up. Feeling a bit on the adventurous side, I open the phonebook and look for an escort service that has shemales. Just talking to the dispatcher and describing what I want makes my cock hard again. She’s about 5’8″, blonde, has C cup tits and is wearing a skimpy red dress.

“Slow down, baby, I’m gonna cum,” Brandi moans into my ear. Brandi voraciously pulls down my jeans and boxers to expose my already throbbing cock.

Brandi licks her index finger from her free hand to lube it up. Finally, she reaches my prostate and with the tip of her finger starts rubbing it furiously.

My cock is getting harder and harder and she takes it out of her mouth and starts stroking it fast.

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