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Missing Documents Soab government accounting has released their report on OW [public works] to parliament, so we may expect a leak soon.

Soab sent a more concrete "very clarifying" complement to minister Balborda.

They have now approached the Tax Persons, pointing out that MOT [unusual transaction reporting] does not work very well.

Shorty, over and above his generous salary as a deputy, salted away about 1 million guilders in two years resulting in over 50 MOT reports.

Just a Coïncidence Justice minister Navarro complains he cannot keep on building prisons and locking everybody up!

The problem starts with education, which has gone downhill since 30 or 40 years. Minister Palm, who estimated a 2013 growth of .5%, can put it in his pipe and smoke it. Setbacks for Shorty You'd almost feel sorry for the guy, 'almost' being the key word.

No wonder: that electric Renault delivery van his company was using was such a hit in Israel, you can buy 'em there now for half the price.

A measly 5%, ANG20m; a more reasonable 10%, ANG40m; or an unstinting 20%, ANG80m?

Interesting and even alluring, fascinating and thought-provoking.

It's alleged not one single MOT report made it from finance to justice department.

But they make some highly interesting and suggestive remarks: —the design is virtually the same as that for the Amstel terrain, which has hardly been discussed with the specialists; —there is no central lab, only a very small lab for emergencies; —number of beds, layout and capacity seem to have been thought up by the designers.

The designers have worked in reverse, by first completing the design and only then asking hospital management for advice, for which very little time was given.

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