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Or lastly, the man who, without prompting, interrupted my conversation and asked me if I'd like to come back to his room for a "private pillowfight party." "You know," he said.

"Just a bunch of girls having a!

We get more and better talks on a wider range of subjects. Conferences and everyone at them loses when amazing women don't attend.

Companies recruiting for talent get access to the full range of qualified applicants, not just the ones who can put up with a brogrammer atmosphere.

I just now composed this email to their general contact address, [email protected]

I would urge other EFF members to likewise express their disapproval: Folks: I am a long time contributor to and member of EFF, and I greatly admire and support the work that you do and support the policies and education efforts made through this organization.

• August 15, 2012 AM The skeptic community has been embroiled over the issue of harassment at skeptic conferences for most of the last year.

The skeptic community is a male and often geek dominated one, would it be too big a generalization to say the security world is also?

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