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The act of pinching shut (with thumb and forefinger) a woman's nose while receiving fellatio; most effective when employed just prior to the release point due to the gag reflex and ensuing swallow that the woman is forced to do to continue breathing.A great first date ploy, as it sets the stage for what the rules of engagement will be going forward.Geiles-Luder-25 – Mega Pack (MDH)First name / Nickname: Jenny Gender: female Age: 34 Marital Status: single Sexual orientation: Bi ZIP code / Country: 23*** / Austria Spoken Languages: German Height: 1.67 m Hair Color: Black Cup size: 70 c Profession: Sekretärin Mia-Gun – Mega Pack (MDH)Mydirtyhobby is the world’s biggest community for private erotica made at home.

An overcooked thanksgiving is similar to this but instead of just putting the cheeks on your head she farts on it too. When you're about to blow, corkscrew two fingers into her ass, scraping as much shit as you can from her.You then turn her around and jerk off and blow your load all over her face.Then you shave her beaver and take the clippings and spread it where you jizzed on her, making a beard that looks like good ol Honest Abe's.As you feel you are about to cum, you pull out and spit on the small of her back (making her think you've finished...). * You bust your load in her face (in the eye if you've got proper aiming techniques down.) Also known as the the David Copperfield. It requires a toilet with a tank above it, like the ones in most homes. When the following victim flushes, the rancid waste fills the bowl.Instead of crapping in the bowl, you shit in the tank (i.e. If you play your cards right, it may ferment The typical dirty chef at your local Denny's or other low-class food establishment who occasionally becomes disgruntled, and takes out his frustration on your meal, via 'the ass wipe" or the 'French Toast Strut' seen in Road Trip.

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