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First, we declare a boolean to hold the original value of the Event Firing Enabled property.

Now, in our constructor we save off the Event Firing Enabled value, then set it to false.

Best Practices when Working with Event Receivers Usually event receivers are created for list items.

As such, it is good practice to name the List Fields without special characters.

Typically, before events are performed for Data Validation, as methods are triggered even before List events are fired and Share Point updates the Content Database.

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If it is executed as asynchronous it gets executed in a separate thread.SPItem Event Receiver has a property called Event Firing Enabled, which simply indicates whether event firing is enabled.We can turn this off to prevent our loop from occuring.Before Properties contain the value of the List Item the list is being modified and After Properties contain the value once the list is updated.To access these properties we need to use the Share Point Internal Column Names and the Column names displayed in UI (Display Names).

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