Errors were encountered while validating xml schemas

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Either: -) The control file mounted by the auxiliary database does not have an entry for this datafile, therefore file name conversion is not possible.

-) A COPY DATAFILE TO AUXNAME command was issued, but no auxname was set for this datafile.

A Point-in-Time Recovery was attempted when target database was not open without connection to a recovery catalog.

It is necessary that the list of tablespaces with undo segments is provided with the UNDO TABLESPACE clause.

The user attempted to modify the configuration which cannot be changed for a BACKUP or STANDBY control file while the mounted control file was either BACKUP or STANDBY.

The following configurations can be changed only when connected to primary database instance that has CURRENT/CREATED control file type mounted: CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY CONFIGURE EXCLUDE CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION CONFIGURE DB_UNIQUE_NAME RMAN assumes that the current set of tablespaces with undo segments is the same set that was in use at the specified Point-in-Time.

Usually this is the result of a recent OPEN RESETLOGS operation, and no action is needed, because the daily backup strategy will start rolling this copy forward after it becomes old enough to be eligible for rolling forward.

To force the copy to be rolled forward, specify a more recent UNTIL time or system change number (SCN).

The recovery catalog did not have information about the tablespaces with undo segments at the specified Point-in-Time.

The pipe that RMAN needs to use for its input or output is either a public pipe or a private pipe that is not owned by SYS.

This is a potential security problem, because it allows a non-SYS user to issue commands to RMAN or to retrieve the RMAN output.

RMAN attempted to use the specified data file name as a restore destination for the indicated data file, but this data file name was already in use by the specified database.

This can happen during pluggable database point-in-time recovery to recover a dropped tablespace whose data file name was already in use by a pluggable database.

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