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“In a preliminary study, we found evidence that the functions of mycorrhizal fungi are suppressed in natural soils.

We then carried out more experiments to determine what might be the cause of the suppression – is it a biological or physical component of the soil, or both?

Furthermore, this suppressive effect in field soils is more apparent in some soils than others,” Stephanie said.” By using radioactive phosphorus (P) labelled soil to trace the uptake of P by mycorrhizal fungi into Medicago truncatula plants (an important pasture legume in Australia), the study measured the function of mycorrhizal fungi to see whether it was affected by different soils.They found less P was taken up by fungi in a local field soil than in sterilised soil, then tested another 21 soils from across Scandinavia to see how common mycorrhizal suppression is in natural soils, with highly variable results.The project is pioneering the use of VR technology for comprehensive, curriculum-aligned education.“With VPC, we want to capitalise on new technology to make learning science exciting, engaging and effective.

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