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The main thing that inspires me and excites me is that I have a new vision for my company. I encourage everyone to participate in this program. I’ve done tons of personal development work and I’ve gotten so much out of this, it’s so worth it.”—Tracey James, Founder, Women in Prosperity, Los Angeles, CA“When I first started my brand-new business, I was on a roller coaster one day saying, “I can do this.

I know enough,” and the next day saying, “No, I can’t do this.” “Yes, I can.” “No, I can’t.” Addressing those fears was a big issue before I started working with you.

A business bigger and savvier than I could have ever dreamed of for myself. ” “I’ve been photographing high profile celebrities and VIP’s for magazines for years.

We now recommend Clearing the Pathto all our clients.” —Joyce Welsh, Do-It-Yourself Healing“Kim helped me to totally get rid of the fears I had which were holding me back. Over the course of my professional career of 20 years I have attended many seminars and workshops.

Not once in all of those experiences did I receive such valuable and powerful information that actually stuck with me from the moment it was shared and everyday thereafter, and is something that I now apply everyday. ” —Kimberley Lewis Johnson, Sorority Factor“Your Clearing the Path fear process helped me release the fears I had about branding.

This process has made an amazing difference in how I approach my business forever.”—Carol Margolis, Smart Women “Brand Power gave me a structure to be able to instantly articulate my business essence to anyone in any moment, for any reason and instantly craft a 30 second elevator speech that was so powerful.” “Prior to taking Brand Power, I knew the “reason for being” for my government contracting company.

Having taken Brand Power, that experience holds more power than even I realized.

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