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You may not understand why God puts someone in your life or keeps him out, but if He lets it happen, you know it’s His will.Maybe God simply wanted you to inspire someone to go to Church, or to pray for a soul in need – and we all pray for our exes, There’s a country song that’s great because it’s sung by Garth Brooks, and is also great because it reminds us that God, who created the heavens and earth and has numbered every hair on our heads, knows what he’s doing.” You may question God’s decision to keep you from marrying a certain someone you just Remember that every human experience has the potential to move you closer to sainthood.

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And while you may not actually wear a chastity belt, you might as well because, by golly, you are waiting until marriage! Nothing puts the breaks on burgeoning new romance quite like those conversations will.

Dating in the secular world is interesting, to put it mildly.

It also happens to be confusing, messy, disordered and sometimes scary. Because I’ve done it, I have had all too much practice having awkward conversations about why I go to mass as much as possible, why I go to confession, and my favorite, the “reasons why I won’t live with you/sleep with you/be unchaste with you before marriage”.

I don’t know about you, but for this girl, that’s tough stuff. It is this: Catholic men take discernment seriously.

They discern if and how to pursue you, how to be in relationship with you, and if they feel called to marry you.

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