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If you want a Korean girlfriend then this might be one of those life-saving dating tips for guys that you learn. If you don’t then just say you know 성원 (Sung-Won) who is a friend of a friend (me!Finally you’ll want to come across as pre-selected. ) 😉 That will make you come across as safer and able to understand her and her culture. Looking good, being well dressed and having friends makes you look good no matter what country you’re in.If you want her to be your girlfriend then you’ll have to tell her when you start dating.Either that or she’ll assume that you’re not interested in being her boyfriend This culture difference hurt me.To the south, the Korea Strait separates South Korea from the Japanese Islands of Kyushu and Honshu.And to the north, North Korea for the most part borders China, and for a distance of perhaps only 15 kilometres it borders Russia.So if you care about her and want to up your chances with having a relationship with her then you’re going to have to bring more to the table than your (which doesn’t matter as much for Korean women.) Dress well, look good and most importantly – have status.

The major dillema you’ll face is discovering what a Korean woman wants.The thing is that most Korean women don’t date because the like the guy they’re with.They date mainly because they’re expected to have a relationship and her friends most probably introduced her to that guy.Sure you might think that these 5 tips would work in your home country too. It’s a little different in Korea and with Korean women.Let me explain: She’ll ask you this in the first minute of conversation.

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