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The company said this coming together has been strengthened by the recent support received from the Department of Economic Development’s Financial Assistance Scheme.Speaking about this partnership, Hub People owner Michael O’Sullivan said: “The grant assistance afforded by DED/Government allowed us to de-risk an ambitious hiring and expansion strategy enabling further investment in key permanent local staff and facilities based in the Isle of Man.Applications are invited for thr post of Bank Ambulance Clinical Support Officer - the role is open to all current paramedics working within the Isle of Man Ambulance service.This bank position has been introduced to support the existing leading paramedics and ambulance officers in delivering the ambulance duty officer rota and will also provide senior clinical support to the ambulance service on an as hoc basis.This “ambitious” growth in its workforce comes as a direct result of the increasing demand for online dating services around the world.Over the past two years, Hub People has also been working closely with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in order to develop a successful e-Business strategy.“Helping us to succeed in improving the efficiency of our leading online dating platform and deliver significant revenue growth as a result.” The Hub People CEO said its staff has doubled in the Isle of Man to 23 permanent employees, and the company is currently trying to fill three more positions, with plans to have 30-35 on the island by December 2017.

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Fair Processing Notice: The Office of Human Resources, Cabinet Office has a Fair Processing Notice which informs you how we collect and use your personal data.This information is important, therefore, we encourage you to read the Fair Processing Notice carefully.To be able to enter personal data in Isle of Man Government Recruitment Online system, you must give your consent to the processing of your personal data.Hub People recently confirmed it has more than doubled the size of its workforce in its native city of Douglas, Isle of Man.The company, which is responsible for powering thousands of dating websites worldwide, now has 23 permanent members of staff working on its operations – a significant rise from 10 employees last year.

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