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Helping your clients heal childhood attachment wounds is ESSENTIAL for them to enjoy fulfilling relationships as adults.The key for you as a therapist is to learn the Language of Attachment so you can create breakthrough experiences for them.I want to share with you a powerful, life-changing training & certificate program that will help you identify your clients’ Attachment style and challenges.You will contribute to the creation of a thriving online community of practitioners who are sharing their experiences and insights as they explore Attachment in their practices.You'll learn how to model it for your clients and teach them how to bring it forth in their life.Nurturing the Attachment system helps us in ALL AREAS of our life: parenting, personal relationships, coaching, and even in business.

In this talk we cover: ✓ What is a Healthy Relationship ✓ Supporting Successful Relationships ✓ How couples can become wired for love ✓ Why be in relationship ✓ Working with the Attachment Styles A board-certified neurologist with forty years of clinical experience, twenty of those as Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Mapleton Center in Boulder, CO where he treated over 5,000 whiplash victims.

You can download the transcripts and use them for reference and note-taking.

For each of the five weeks we will be on calls together and we will review the week’s teachings.

This bonus includes 2 Attachment Style Questionnaires, short and long-form, as well as private access to an online survey to help you quickly evaluate your client's relationship orientation.

These surveys have been developed and refined over a period of 20 years and are a tremendous tool and asset for your practice.

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