Dating secrets for fighters

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But, of all the Ninja that appeared in the eighties, I am the only one that remains.I have been fighting bullies all my life and I must be pretty good at it because I'm still here.Secrets of the Ninja and Ninja Mind Control have been translated into 23 different languages THAT WE KNOW OF!

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" " This type of "hive mentality" is common among martial arts cults who seek to empower the group leader(s) by proclaiming to be the sole source of the "truth" and declare all others as frauds.

I only wish to offer some tools for you to become better on your own.

As Gichin Funakoshi said,"Kara-te is not about being better than the other fighter. " " I am known by many names..." This is the one I have chosen.

Things that are highly valued, like knowledge, will always be preserved and shared with those who seek it out. I often get letters saying that some simple self-defense technique from one of my books saved someone's life.

Or,that a passage from Ninja Mind Control or Way of the Mind Gate helped someone to understand some difficulty they were having.

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