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And just like a masochist, the women who found the men most attractive were this last group the ones who werent sure whether those men were into them or not.

We all have that naive, hopeless romantic friend that likes to insist that there’s no such thing as “playing games” when it comes to dating.

47 female undergraduates participated in the study, which used Facebook as a pretense.

They were split into three groups and shown the profiles of four fictional men.

Risk is a matter of your own will, and confidence follows from risk - as does experience. I've made a list of associations that I have for the two styles: Sexy: Confident, serious, poised, seductive, postured, tight (clothes), mature, aloof, gorgeous, sexual, selective, sharp, directed, closed, pretentious, shrewd, desirous, hungry, dark, cat, fox Cute: Innocent, light-hearted, wide-eyed, adorable, affectionate, eager, naive, young, youthful, joyful, pretty, animated, open, trusting, candid, colorful, kitten The "cute" associations are predictably child-like.

The "sexy" associations are almost predatory, and certainly they point towards a very confident sexuality.

The cute girls are the same ones who want to look sexy but don't, the same ones that are dismayed by my "cute" compliments.

The second group were told that the men rated them as average and the last group didn’t know about the level of the men’s interest in them.I’d like to know if the same reasoning can be applied to men.Maybe we’ve finally cracked some code on getting men to fall for us…At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.Some girls have expressed their disappointment when I've told them that they look "cute" rather than "sexy" or "hot." I used to respond to their reaction by claiming that it was unwarranted. But in the back of my mind I knew that my compliment was mildly backhanded, even though it was never my intention.

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