Dating northern ireland

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Dunluce’s most famous story, however, is that of the accident in the kitchen.One of the castle’s most striking features is just how precariously it dangles over the edge of the cliffs.

In the attic, it is claimed that you can hear the marching of Cromwellian soldiers, who seized the castle in 1650 during the invasion of Ireland.Over the years, parts of the castle have fallen away, most famously in 1639, when the castle kitchen collapsed into the sea below, taking eight people with it, and leaving just one small boy cowering in the corner.It is said the screams of the doomed residents can be heard reverberating to this day, particularly on stormy nights.Originally built as an Abbey, the site soon expanded to become a fortified castle.The castle changed hands several times over the next few centuries, with many of the owners extending it further until it became the sprawling relic it is today.

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