Dating indian locals in durban

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If you can manage to open your eyes while experiencing this intense rush, you'll get a chance to marvel at the unique architecture of this iconic World Cup soccer stadium.

For a toned down version take the sky-car to the top of the stadium or walk across the arch. Just 20 minutes outside of Durban, this aptly named area of stunning cliffs and valleys has been home to the Zulu people for centuries.

Go on a high altitude adventure to The Kingdom of the Sky, Lesotho.

Durban is a modern, cosmopolitan African city that perfectly reflects South Africa's cultural complexity with strong African, Indian and European influences.

It's a hive of activity on weekends with locals jogging, walking dogs, cycling, riding skateboards or roller-blading and a choice of cafes make for convenient refreshment stops along the way.

If you want to rent a bike to explore the promenade, the Bike and Bean near Suncoast Casino has bikes and beach equipment to rent and serves a killer coffee! Durban has some of most consistent surf breaks in South Africa and with epic year round conditions, it's no wonder it has produced some legends in the surfing world.

There are a few companies that offer tours but you could also rent a car and drive out there and explore on your own, it really is beautiful.

I would definitely recommend a pit stop at Indigo Skate Camp, a cool local youth program founded by a former pro-skateboarder which also offers hiking and biking in this beautiful area led by local youth tour guides.

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