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I think of the people with the most optimistic outlook on dating and relationships and I notice that they are typically younger. Married women who are nearing 30 or in their early 30s may not have been in the dating world for some time at this point.) As women get older, and because the majority of women are emotional lovers, they begin to inherently have baggage.Whether they’d like to admit it or not, they are carrying the cumulative transcript of their dating lives.Consequently, I think it’s harder, but I don’t know if I would say worse, to date women as they get older. I would tell any other man, by the time a woman reaches the age of 27-28, her brain has completely developed and will not be developing anymore. That doesn’t mean she won’t emotionally or socially grow, but her brain is done.

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I believe that younger women are still trying to find out who they are and want to have fun at the same time.Life-altering events are rare in nature and don’t happen often or to everyone.The woman you’re trying to date is likely very aware of her faults and if she isn’t, will never be aware of her faults. If you’re able to know up front all the good and bad things about a woman, it may make out for a better situation – but not easier.It’s easy to date younger women because they haven’t figured it all out and haven’t grown their “olive tree” in the yard.(An Olive tree is an example of something that represents identity and tradition and is longstanding.) On the flip side, younger women are likely to go through many iterations of themselves between 21 and 30.

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