Dating an ox

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This stubbornness can be difficult to live with at times, however the power of his convictions can make obstacles less challenging making him a strong partner to have if your goals are the same.

If you are curious as to your compatibility with a potential mate, it is advisable to seek the counsel of the Chinese zodiac.

Ox signs enjoy helping others, working hard and patiently at achieving these goals.

The Female Ox A distinct difference in the woman Ox is their general lack of need for the opposite sex.

Their patience and caring nature make them a great friend to have.You think things through before committing to them, and don't start until you are absolutely sure how to proceed.Once you are sure, you keep at it with a slow, steady pace until the job is finished.The girl Ox is a very private person in general, keeping only her friends and family close.She will prefer to keep to herself and stay at home rather than seek out social situations.

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