Dads dating contract

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A fever is the body's way of naturally fighting off an infection, but if the baby's temperature gets too high, you'll want to take steps to relieve it.

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From critics calling out the government's purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline; to an Iraqi-Canadian grad student's petition against the New York Times' removal of ISIS files in Iraq; to how dinosaur fossils can provide clues for adapting to climate change ... Rivers and lakes are cleaner since Kenya introduced a sweeping ban of single-use plastic bags, but thousands of jobs have been lost.

Caro Rolando's documentary, From The Frontlines: The War on Plastics, examines the debate about whether the ban is doing more harm than good.

Any significant change in the baby's feeding or sleeping habits during sickness should be cause for concern. Ovulation Calendar Pregnancy Calendar Baby Names » MORE Our best calculators just for you!

Why don’t men hate being single as much as women do?

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